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How to DIY Classic Cocktails: Old Fashioned, Manhanttan and Gimlet at home

2022-05-07 08:52

Here are four classic cocktails that are easy to make at home.
Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned is a soft Whiskey based cocktail. It was first recorded in Jerry Thomas's How to Mix Drinks in the 19th century. By mixing the right amount of sugar and bitters, a strong, spicy whisky becomes soft and smooth. Perfect for those who are interested in whisky but can't get used to its strong taste immediately. When ordering, snap your fingers at the bartender and say, 'I'll have a glass of old Fashioned, please.'
To make an Old Fashioned Fashioned you use: a glass, whiskey, sugar, chilled water or soda, bitter, lemon or citrus peel, ice. Fill a chilled glass with 1.5 teaspoons of granulated sugar. Pour 4-5 drops of bitters into a glass. (This step can be avoided if there is no bitter) 3. Add appropriate ice cubes (3-5 pieces). 4. Pour in 20ml pure water or comb water. 5. Stir until sugar dissolves. 6. Add 60ml whisky and stir well. 7. Take a freshly pared slice of citrus or lemon peel and, over the rim of the glass, twist the peel and add to the wine. 8. Enjoy. Tips: In Step 7, the twist is very important without the bitters. The lemon oil that is squirted out during the twist adds bitterness and aroma.
A gold cocktail that tastes like the Old Fashioned. Add a touch of sweet vermouth to add complexity and garnish with a maraschino cherry for a taste of cosmopolitan glamour. To make a cup of manhanttan you need:
A shaker or easily filtered mixing cup, a glass, whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, sugar, bitters, ice, maraschino cherries or a slice of orange peel.
To make: 1. In a shaker or a clean glass pour 1 teaspoon sugar and 3-5 drops bitter. 2. Add ice to taste. 3. Add 20ml sweet absinthe and 60ml whisky. 4. Shake well. 5. Strain the wine into the prepared glass. 6. Garnish the body with a cherry or twist of citrus peel. Tips: Feel free to use whatever cup you like. A nice tall glass is fine, but if not, why not use a square glass cup? You tell me.
Gimlet is a product of 19th century seafaring culture. The palate is delicate and firm. Invented in the 1870s by Royal Navy surgeon Thomas D. Gimlet. This blend of gin and lime juice helped overcome the plight of sailors who were chronically unable to get enough vitamin C. The wine was named Gimlet in honor of Dr. Thomas.
To make a Gimlet you need:
A shaker or easily filtered mixing cup, Gin, sugar, lime, ice cubes
Method: 1. Fill a shaker or a clean glass with 1 teaspoon sugar. 2. Add proper ice cubes. 3. Pour 45 milliliters of gin. 4. Pour in 15ml fresh lime juice. 5. Stir well. Strain the liquid into the prepared glass. 7. Garnish with a slice of lime. Finally, sprinkle a pinch of salt evenly into the wine. 9. Enjoy.
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