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Basic requirements for cocktail making

2022-04-25 09:06

General bartender, bartender will be the required according to the requirement of the formula of base liquor, accessories and so on to find out, neatly on the table wine produced by the special position, ready to wine utensils, cups and decorations etc., and then the right specification of mixing method (wave and the method, the harmonic method against the and method, the mixed method) modulation, decoration, production.
The basic structure of a cocktail is the base, the dressing (mixing ingredients) and the garnish. Cocktails are mainly based on spirits, assisted by blending slow, flavoring and seasoning, etc., and decorated with decorations.
Neutral-style spirits can be blended with most wines and beverages of different styles and flavors to make cocktails. Theoretically speaking, cocktail is a kind of beverage with infinite kinds of wine mixed with each other, which is also a remarkable feature of cocktail.
It is a common law of cocktail making to mix the same or similar wine with the same style and taste. Style, taste outstanding and conflicting wine, if aroma, medicine flavor, generally not suitable for mixing with each other; When using carbonated soda water or sparkling wine to make cocktails, do not use the shaking method, should use the method of mixing or blending.
When making cocktails, it is advisable to add ice cubes, ingredients and base liquor in the first order. However, when making cocktails with an electric mixer, ice cubes or crushed ice are usually added last.
1. Before making a cocktail, prepare the glass and the ingredients in advance.
For easy use. You can't make a good cocktail if you spend time looking for glasses or ingredients.
2. The base liquor and ingredients used in the cocktail should be inexpensive.
3, the use of materials must be fresh, especially eggs, milk, juice.
4. Always open eggs in a cup to check freshness.
Young bartenders learn to use wine vessels in order to ensure the pure flavor of the drinks
6, the mixing equipment should be kept clean, so as to use at any time.
7, must keep a pair of clean hands, hands are the focus of attention of guests.
8, decorative fruit should be fresh.
9, canned decorative fruits such as cherries should be rinsed in advance according to the amount of the day, sealed with plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator for later use.
10. Cocktail decoration should strictly follow the formula requirements, and self-created wine decoration should also be based on the principle of simple and harmonious.
11, in the process of modulation operation should try to avoid touching ornaments with hands.
12, mixing ice as far as possible to choose fresh quality hard not easy to melt.
13, when using the glass, if the room temperature is high before use, pour cold water into the glass and then add ice cubes, then filter the water and add the mixing materials for mixing.
14, in the mix (formula) filled with soda water or mineral water, this sentence is for the right amount of glass, the capacity of the glass can be controlled as appropriate. The wine will weaken if you fill it up.
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